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ONEprop - Review in Real Estate category
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One prop are predators and do not work with tenants or do what they are responsible for in the lease. I had a leak in the roof that everytime it ran it was leaking down the wall and coming out of the electrical socket. They sent someone to look at it but it was never fixed. Secondly. I sent me rent to them via mail it was sent back from their corporate office advising the don't take partial payments. After speaking with the property manager she... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 11
  • #916547

WARNING: PREDATORY LEASORS I had a medical emergency which caused me to be financially strained, I was often late with rent but never thirty days late. I always payed my rent and late fees but I was still evicted. If you take a chance and rent from oneprop make sure you are healthy and don't get sick and pray nothing physically happens even if by chance. WE'RE NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!!!!

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Oneprop is a terrible company to rent from if you can stay far away. They charge late fee even if your payment has a postmark before the first and they won't waive the late fees. Good luck on trying to get them to fix anything in the home I have water damage from in raining in the home to where it's coming through the electrical socket which is a fire hazard. When speaking with they keep saying their sending someone but no one comes. There are... Read more

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I rented from OneProp 5 yrs. I kept the property according to my lease. I disputed several charges on my move out, and they flat out are not moving. Theyve accused me of basically stealing a garage remote. I lived there alone. I was only given one when i moved in. Now theyve charged me for a second one. Then i disputed the charges for tough up painting, (after 5 yrs anyone needs to paint somewhere and should be the owners who pay) and also also... Read more

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I would never rent another home from this company. They gouge you on the pet deposits and good luck on ever getting a human on the phone. Our lease expired in June and we wanted to sign a 6 month lease while our home was being built, they refused and raised our rent from $1,750 to $1,925 a month without giving us any notice. Then of course going back to the no human help side. I could not change my autopayment due to there system issues and they... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 27
  • #889946

They left a person who just had surgery without water, and would not even try to resolve the situation...they stated that the main person in charge was with his family..well I hope he never has a sick person and they leave him hanging.

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this place is horrible they charge me $1,300 prior to my move in and they did not want to give me my money back they even charged me $1,600 and repair fees which were not even justified

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This review is 100% correct. I have rented a total of six different places and know many people who are renters. This is by far one of the worst companies I have experienced for property management. I unfortunately did not read the entire lease before I signed, so I was unaware of how many things they do not do to maintain the property. Plus all of this information is in an odd place in the lease; it's not so upfront and obvious. They do not... Read more

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Oneprop gives you a list of people to use to clean your home after you move out and then still charges you for it and takes it out of your deposit. They also do not do the maintenance request and come back and charge you for things that you told them needed to be done before moving out. The company ended up keeping all of my $2025.00 deposit except for $135.00. The cleaning company that they recommended on the move out instruction request you... Read more

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Current tenant.And check returned. I called their office to let them know that it was returned and what do i need to do to get my rent paid. Someone in the office told me to that i could only send certified funds via USPS. Went to USPS they cant get it there next day but fedex can. I called them and told them that i can send it via fedex because USPS will not get it there next day. I pleaded with these people asking can i use fedex they said no... Read more

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