I rented one property here in spring.first of all when i arrived with the truck there was no one to give me the key for the house i had to call the people in dallas to tell me who to call for the keys.after 3 hours fighting thru the phone they tell me the code of the lock box so i could get in.The house was not move in ready it was so dirty i found myself cleaning the whole house before puting anything in from carpet to restrooms to kitchen fans etc.the only key was the only one for the whole year they never gave me a set so i had to make my own.2nd the maintenance SUCKS they send you unprofesional workers.And they just cover stuff not really fix them.

They charge you extra for being late even thou you put the money in the lockbox in the office, charge you for utilities that they shouldn't have in there name because you have already change it to yours.They are always changing property manager without telling you so you call and email them and never get an answe obviously they are not there no more.and WORST OF ALL MY RESTROOMS HAVE MOLD AND MILDEW and never fixed it BUT DONT WORRY I HAVE A LOT OF PICS AND VIDEO OF ALL THE MILDEW and gave it to my LAWYER cause that was a dangerous and un sanitized environment to live in .and if you think i havent seen *** yet well it gets worst i was late in a payment in NOV and they send out eviction papers well we fixed that it was just a process they had to do if we were late more than 6 dias or something like that .Now the HUGE problem is now that my least is up in MARCH 31,2015 I had start applying of houses to rent and the SURPRISE we recieve is that no Landlord wants to have a Renter with EVICTION and least if it so resent like 2014 just months away.so thanks to that everyone turn us down.So i call them asking for the property manager the one that i will call GABRIELA HENDERSON is no longer working with them since a month or so. So a SCOTT is now my property manager and cant help he just says in my computer doesn't say nothing about that it shouldn't appear in your credit.Well News Flash THANKS TO ONEPROP I'M HOMELESS LIVING IN A HOTEL WITH 3 KIDS FAR FROM THERE SCHOOL.and i ask for my Deposit that i gave DOUBLE A TOTAL OF 2,400 and to collect it is was very fast but to give it back it would take 30 to 60 days to recieve it. But no help with finding me a house for there mistake.

I havent recieved an email or nothing how could i help you with our mistake.But my Lawyer will deal with this even thou its more money i have to waste but iam going to resolve this.i could not live in a HOTEL for a long me.THANKS TO ONEPROP.

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